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We believe in providing quality Inclusion Support for children with special needs in classrooms and home-based remediation sessions. 


Our Team consists of dedicated people who are passionate about guiding and providing a timely and paced support for your child's learning.


We have helped children with ASD, ADHD, SLD and other rare learning and behavioral challenges. Click here to find out more about the types of support we provide.


Contact us today for a non-obligatory consultation. 



We are on Facebook too!

We are on Facebook too!

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Jim Tanaka Ted Talk

Jim Tanaka Ted Talk

Facing up to Autism: New tools for different minds

Autism spectrum disorders healthcentre.png

Autism spectrum disorders healthcentre.png

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Pacifiers may have emotional consequences for boys

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It was a great pleasure to have the ISA in the classroom while supporting the student. He took the time to carefully observe and monitor the student about his daily actions in middle school and took a great deal of time to help the student recognize and change his behavioral actions as well as help him understand why they needed to be changed. The ISA participated in the classroom and encouraged other students as well as the student in his charge. The ISA regularly met with me to update me about situations about which I was not aware, many happened outside of the classroom. The ISA was a caring advocate for students and a strong positive adult influence in our students’ lives.


-Homeroom Teacher at an International School

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