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Inclusion Support

This is one of the main services we provide for children with special needs in the mainstream classroom environment. We design an Individualised Success Plan (ISP) for every child that we provide shadow support for.

With Learning Support Consultation

To achieve a mutual understanding of the child's progress, constant and regular updates will be provided as the point of reference for the key providers (parents, teachers, therapists and our ISA).

Volunteer Inclusion Support

We volunteer our services to low-income families with children of special needs.


Contact us for more information.

        Home-based sessions ​


Additional support that takes place outside classroom contact hours will be scheduled in your home, at a mutually agreeable time. Depending on the learning needs of your child, we provide: 


  • Remediation help for children with learning difficulties 




We conduct workshops and sharing sessions with schools which require more information on how to help students with special needs.


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