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What is Inclusion Support?

"Shadow" is an educational terminology that refers to the individualised support provided to a child with special needs in a classroom (Cohen, 1998). Acting as a 'teacher' in class, the role of a shadow is typically perceived by students as the co-teacher. The role of a shadow or as we refer to as an Inclusion Support Advocate or ISA for short, is more accurately known to provide the following:


          regular observation and evaluation on the child's behaviour and learning progress in a mainstream classroom.


          appropriate intervention to support the child's learning in classroom. 


With an increasing awareness from parents of Inclusion Support and acceptance from the various schools here to engage our ISAs in the classrooms, an inclusive learning environment for children with special needs is notably higher in today's society. It is therefore critical for parents, schools and shadows to work together and acknowledge the significance of such remediation for the benefit of the special needs children.


Contact us to find out more about Inclusion Support and how we can help your child. 

Suggested reading:


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