Mr. William Chua

BA Psychology

William was born in Singapore. William was educated in the local education system for 14 years and he speaks English, Mandarin, and various Chinese Dialects. He lives with his parents and younger brother who is in the army.


William was a probation counselor within one of the Ministries in Singapore. He assisted in the counseling of youth who suffered from depression, suicide, teenage pregnancy, and relationship problems. He has also worked as a camp instructor/facilitator for a private company that liaises with Health Promotion Board (HPB), which focuses on building teamwork and leadership skills in every person. Using his knowledge of Psychology, William has worked with children age 7 to young adults; training and imparting life skills that focus on effective studying.


His philosophy on assisting children with special needs is giving them a fair chance to be active in a regular classroom. William believes that proper assessment of a child is crucial as the method of handling them differs. With this said, William does not believe in labeling any student. The purpose of a diagnosis is purely to enable trainers, teachers, family and friends to understand more and effectively bring out the child’s potential. The inclusion of children with special needs in the mainstream means the equal treatment of all, with minimal assistance. This allows the child to grow up in a regular environment, enabling him or her to work towards independence.


William has provided pro bono Shadow Support through Inclusion Therapy’s volunteer program on numerous occasions.

William believes that knowledge is never enough, and also strives to understand more. He has completed his degree in Psychology and plans to further his studies into Master’s in Clinical Psychology. William continues to attend various trainings related to the field in order to be up to date.

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