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Gen-O was created with two goals in mind:


1) A continuous move towards empowering people, generating zero (O) emissions, and minimizing the carbon footprint of our group of companies.


2) Generation O, with the possibility that our future generations to come, being left with zero (O) resources and options due to our mistakes.


As many scientists have mentioned, we have passed the tipping point for global issues with regards to the environment and we are just beginning to take steps towards helping ourselves on this little blue planet.(1)


As a company, we have taken the following steps since our incorporation to do our part and help global environmental sustainability.


Since Inclusion Therapy's start in 2012, we have limited the use of paper by using only soft copies of contracts, handbooks, reports, invoices, time sheets, payslips, and other paper based correspondence, and have saved at least 60,000 pages (equivalent to 120 reams) of A4 sized paper! That is about 7 trees used to make non-recycled paper!(2)


Believe or not, Inclusion Therapy has used approximately 1 ream (500 sheets) of paper for our administrative use since 2012, and this paper is PEFC(3) certified.


Our employees collect data on paper which are recycled, using refillable binder notebooks.


We use reusable whiteboard markers, pens and highlighters.


We encourage our employees to limit the use of plastic cups, with the provision of reusable water bottles, and are BPA free.


We keep the use of our office space strictly for meetings only, otherwise the air conditioning or lights are not turned on.


We encourage the members of our company to use public transport and we are enrolled in the corporate program for TravelSmartRewards(4), which provides added benefits for its corporate members.


Such initiative need the support of our leaders, and our Senior Management are not just engaged in this initiative, they started Gen-O in 2005!


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