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Ms. Cecille Ilano

MA Early Childhood

Cecille was born in Manila, Philippines and came to Singapore in 1979, when she was eleven years old. She has lived in Singapore since then and speaks English and some Tagalog and French.


Cecille has worked in the special needs industry for the past twenty years. She started in a special school as a teacher working with young children with various disabilities. This motivated her to pursue her diploma in special needs from NIE soon after. In her twenty years of working in the special needs field, Cecille has worked as an early intervention teacher, learning support teacher, coordinator and consultant, shadow teacher, trainer and case manager. She helped in the set up of the Learning Support department of an international school here, employed support staff and trained assistant teachers and support teachers and also spent her time in the classroom, teaching children with additional needs.


Cecille loves seeing children with additional needs thrive in a mainstream setting and she believes with the right support and strategies, inclusion is an ideal and meaningful avenue for children with additional needs.


Cecille has a Master’s degree in early childhood education, with a concentration on Inclusion.

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