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Ms. Carmen Leong
Masters of Arts (Comm Mgmt), Adv. Diploma SPED

Carmen is a Singaporean. She lives with her family, including her three wonderful children. She is fluent in English and Mandarin.


Though she started in a marketing role with a number of companies, she had an interest in working with children with special needs. This led to her pursuing her diploma in Special Education. In addition to workshops held by Inclusion Therapy, she has also attended other courses, including a course on Social Thinking conducted by Michelle Garcia Winner.


Prior to joining Inclusion Therapy, Carmen has worked as a Special Education tutor, and a capable Case Manager for other Shadows. For the past three years, she has provided support for young children and youth with special needs, mainly on the autism spectrum.


Carmen believes that every child is able to learn, albeit at their own pace and learning style. Carmen’s goal in working with children with special needs is enabling them to improve their quality of life, and work towards independence so that they can integrate and be included.


Carmen volunteers at her church as a children’s ministry’s teacher. She also volunteers at another children’s center.

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